It is a main part offilter capacitor,it is connected with other parts(such as rea ctor ere)to compose AC filther capacitor applied to the electric equipment with harmonious wave.It is used to prevent harmonious wave from polluting electric net as well as equipped in the power system for reducing the level of electric net harmonious wave to improve the power coefficient.

    型号说明 model meanings

    主要技术指标 main techniqueindessign
    1. 额定电压:1.2~12kv;
    2. 额定频率:50Hz 或150Hz;
    3. 电容偏差:-5%~+10%;
    4. 介质损耗角正切值tanδ:对于内置内熔丝的产品≤ 0.0008;对于无内置内熔丝的产品≤ O.0005;
    5. 稳态过电压:1.10Un;
    6. 稳态过电流:最大允许过电流可由用户与制造厂商定。
    2.Rated Frequency:50Hz Or 150Hz;
    3.Capacitance Deviation:-5% ~+10% ;
    4.Tangent of Dielectric LossAngle:tan δ For inner fuseproducts ≤ 0.0008,for inner fuse products ≤ 0.0008;
    5.Steady StateVoltage:1.10Un;
    6.Steady State Electricity:Maximum allow ance electricity may be bargained betw een users and manufactory.

    主要特点 main features
    1. 体积小、重量轻、比特性好;
    2. 损耗小、温升低、寿命长;
    3. 采用性能优良的绝缘油-( 苄基甲苯) 使产品能满足在零下40℃低温下运行。
    1.Small occupation,light weight,excellent character;
    2.Ower consumption,lower lifting temperature,long life of span;
    3.Using insulating oil with excellent perfnrmance(benzy 1 toluene)makes products op crate at a low temperature of below 40℃ .

    使用条件 servicecondition
    1. 环境空气温度:-40~+45℃;
    2. 海拔高度:2000m 以下;
    3. 环境条件:无有害气体及蒸气,无导电尘埃及剧烈震动。
    1.Environmental Air Temperature:-40℃ ~+45℃ ;
    2.Height Above Sea Level:below 2000m;
    3.Environment Condition:no harmful gas or smoke,no
    conductive performance or acute tremor.