"SHANGRONG" brand of reactive power local compensator is a kind of energy saving product developed through the selfhealing type shumt capacitor by the company. The device is mounted beside the introductive load and shunt with it locally to operate.As a result,the power factor of the electric netw orkis promoted,the line loss reduced, the supply voltage of the end load improved, and the supply potential of the low voltage distribution system developd fundamentally.The device is widely applied to the low voltage distribution system of industries of industries and mining enterprises, emporiums and buildings,and electric netw ord ofcountries ro make reactive power local compensation for inductive load.

    TBBX低电压就地无功补偿装置性能 capability
    1. 能将电动机的实际功率因数COSφ 提高到0.95以上。
    2. 减少线损、变损。能为企业节约用电10~%。
    3. 降低变压器和线路的视在功率,实际可提高变压顺容量~35%。
    4. 减少线路电流,可减少导线截面积10~30%。
    5. 延长开关触头等电器寿命40%以上。
    6. 改善用电质量, 能提高电动机的端电压3~5%。
    7. 每千乏补偿容量每年可节约用电150~300 千瓦时( 按电动机每年运行时间1500~3000 小时计算)。
    1.Can improve the real power factor COSФ ofmotor to over 0.95.
    2.Reduce the wire abrasion or distortion. helpful for enterprise saving electricity 10~%.
    3.Reducethe apparentpoweroftransformer and circuit.and really improve the transformer capacity to ~35% .
    4.Reduce circuit current.and the sectional area ofconductor to 10~30% can be reduced too.
    5.Prolong service life of the electric appliance like switch contact more than 40%,
    6.Make the power utilization quality be better.can increase the terminal voltage of motor to 3~5%,
    7.Per kilovaar compensated capacity can save the electricity 150~300kw/h (Calculated according to motor every year running time 1500~3000 hours).

    主要技术参数 main technical parameter
    1. 使用条件: 海拔≤ 00m, 环境温度:-25℃ ~+40℃,湿度:35℃时≤ 90%;
    2. 额定电压:400VAC,450VAC,525VAC,50Hz;
    3. 额定容量:1~150Kvar;
    4. 电容量允差:-5%~+10%;
    5. 损耗角正切值:tanδ ≤ 0.1%;
    6. 最高允许过电压:1.1Un;
    7. 最高允许过电流:1.3In;
    8. 绝缘性:极壳间大于100MΩ;
    9. 自放电特性:切出3 分钟后,剩余电压降至75v 以下。
    1.SERVICE CONDITl0N:AlAltitude ≤ 00m Ambiebt humidity- 25℃ ~+40℃ ,temperature35℃ , ≤ 90% ;
    2.Rated voltage:400VAC,450VAC,525VAC,50Hz;
    3.Rated capacity:1~150 Kvar;
    4.Capacitance tolerance:-5% ~+10% ;
    5.Tangentoftheloss anglele:tanδ ≤ 0.1% ;
    6.Max allowable overvoltage:1.1Un
    7.Max allowable overCurrent:1.3In
    8.Insulation level:Betwee terminal and container 1000MΩ
    9.Selfsustained discharge ability:Give-Un Dc voltage to capacitor.the residual voltage reduces to 75V or low er within 3minutes after off.