概述 general description
      XRNC、BRI、BR2、BRW、BRN、BRW2、BR、RN、RNYl、RNG、RW 型高压电容器熔断器供10KV 及以下的电力系统中以星形连接的电容器组合单台电容器的内部故障保护之用。能可靠、迅速地断开故障电容器。从而避免因电容器内部由元件击穿而可能引起的爆 炸事故,使电网继续安全运行。

      The specical fuse for high Voltage capacitor XRNC、BR1、BR2、BRW、BRN、BRW2、BR、RN、RNYI、RNGand RW type fuse is used as internal fault protection for single capacitor of star connection capacitor combination in10KV and less power system.The product can disconnect the fault capacitor reliably and quickly so as to avold explosion accident as a result of component break down inside the capacitor to ensure that the power net operates continuously and safely.

    BRN、BRW-10、BR1-1 0 型熔断器外形及安装尺寸
    BRN、BRW-10 Fuse oink external strucure and installation dimensions(mm)

    XRNC 外型及安装尺寸CRNC Installation Dimensions
    图1XRNC 一7.2KV,XRNC 一10KV Chat1 XRNC-7.2KV,XRNC-10KV