SR系列集成电力智能电容器具有补偿效果更好、功耗更低、体积更小、节约成本更多、使用更灵活、维护更方便、使用寿命更长、可靠性更高等特点,适应了现代化电网对无功补偿的更高要求。  SR series lntelligent lnteg rated Power Capacitor is a brand new low-voltage(LV)reactive power compensation device developed on the general develop-ment frame of intelligent electrical appliances. The device is made up with intelligent integrated module and power capacitor,including intelligent measurement and cont rol system,zero-crossing switching system,muItiple protective system, cornmunication system,man-machine conversation system,power capacitor system,etc.It has evolutionally changed the out-of-date control system of thet raditional reactive power cornpensation device and the switching technique using mechanical contactor or mechano-electric integrative switch as switching capacitor. It also changed the huge and heavy structu re model of traditional reactive power compensation device.   Intelligent integrated power capacitor has the features of better cornpensation effect,lower power consumption, smaller size,less costs,more flexibility in operation,more convenlentinmaintenance,longer se rvicelife and better reliabiIity,adapting to the higher requirement of reactive compensationfrom the modern grid.

    型号说明 model meanings

    The products meet the following standard needs:
    JB/T 7113   GB/T1 7626.2
    GB/T 15576  GB/T1 7626.5
    DL/T 597    GB/T1 7626.4

    使用条件 servicecondition
    海拔:≤ 2000 米
    环境温度:-25℃ ~+45℃
    相对湿度:+40℃,20% ~90%
    污染等级:3 级
    elevation: ≤ 2000m
    envoi rment temperatu re:-25℃ ~+45℃
    relative humidity:+40℃ ,20%~90%
    class of pollution:3 Class
    secu rity IeveI:III

    卓越性能 Outstanding property
    智能网络:多台智能集成电力电容器联网使用时,自动生成一个网络,其中地址码最小的一个为主机;如果主机故障推出,在其余从机中产生一个新的主机组成新的系统;容量相同的电容器按循环投切原则,容量不同的电容器按适补原则投切;485 通讯接口可以接入后台计算机,进行配电综合管理。
    Zero-cross switching:apply intelligent thyristor combination switching circuit,significantly increased the withstand voltage of the equipment by achieving constant voltageinput,zero current clearing,no inrush current or equipment over-voltagein switching and no arc reignition,and reduced 80% of the power consumption of common capacitor box with small current and power consumption.
    Phase-splitting compensation:achieve respective singlephase compensation,solve the unbalance condition of threephase load, compensate separately to the phase with higher reactive shortfall to achieve optimized compensation effect. Power savlng&consumption reducing:reduce size by about 50%,could reduce the resou rce such as land,copper,silver and proiect plastic by 50% electrical loss of conducting wire,contact and components, 50% .
    Temperature protection:equipped with temperature sensor that can reflect the inner heat of capacitor caused by the overcurrent of capacitor, harmonic overload,excessive drain current and exorbitant ambient temperature,and achievetem perature protection by automatically cut off the capacitor and stop running when excess the set temperature to protect the device.
    Intelligent network:when multipie intelligent integrated power capacitors are connected, there will automatically generate a network with the capacitor with the smallest address code as the base machine;if the base machine fails and stops working,one of the other capacitors will become the new base machine to form a new system;for capacitors with the same capacity,apply circulating switching principie,for capacitors with different capacitor, apply the principle of suitable one to supplement;it can be connected to backing computer through the cornmunication interface 485 to realize integrated management of power distribution.
    High reliability:remove controller,applythe decentralized control model,completely avoidthe b reakdown of system resulted from the malfunction of controller.The intelligent thyristor combination switch ensures no inrush current,equipment over-voltage in switching or arc reignition,lowers the failure rate and comp-letely solves the ProbIem of frequent breakdown of contact and capacifor for the traditional model.
    Modular structure:standardized and modularized
    products replace the traditional cornponents such as controller,air switch,AC contactor,controllable silicon, heat relay and capacitor with an entirety,which allows to stack the modules in the shelf assembling and installation.
    Simple connection:instalI multipie capacitors in the shelves, reduce producing time by mo re than 60% than the traditional model and reduce the use of con-necting wires and contacts by 80%.The neatness inside the shelf can facilitate the ability of fast onsite assembling.
    Convenlent capacity expansion:the small size and simpie connection of product allow increasing the quantity of capacitors as the electric power load of the client grows through phased investment to adapt to the demand of company development.
    Convenient maintenance:the digital tube shows the types of protective actions,including over-voltage, undervoltage, over-current,three-phase imbalance,etc.; the intelligent integrated power capacitor has the function of auto diagnosis that can reflect the malfunction of electronic switch,capacitor, air switch and network communicat ion of intel l igent module,favoring onsite troubleshooting.
    Significant effect:ensure stable and eligible
    system voltage,increase power factor,estimate and reasonably commission of capacitor,avoid reactive compensation insufficiency or penalty resulted from excessive cornpensation,so as to increase active power output in distribution,reduce the investment of capa-city expansion and power consumption.

    九大科技创新 Nine technological innovations
    1. 智能集成电力电容器智能控制技术,实现人机对话
    Intelligent control technology of intelligent integrated power capacitor tealizes man-machine conversation
    2. 采用美国超强抗干扰芯片及双看门狗技术
    Apply American strong anti-jamming chip and dual watchdog technology
    3. 分相补偿几混合补偿技术
    Phase-splitting compensation and mixed compensation technology
    4. 无触点光电触发技术及先进复合开关技术
    Contactless photovoltaic trigger technology and advanced composite switching technology
    5. 在线测控采样技术
    Online measu rement,control and sampling technology
    6. 等电压投切技术,实现真正过零
    Constant voltage switching technology,achieve real zero-crossing
    7. 全自动保护设计
    Automatic protection design
    8. 低功耗设计
    Low power consumption design
    9. 集成设计,设备高度小型化
    Integration design, highly miniaturized equipment

    主要技术数据 main technical characterisetics

    型号规格 补偿方式 额定电压(V) 额定容量(Kvar)
    SR-8CS/450-5·5 三相补偿 450 10
    SR-8CS/450-10·10 20
    SR-8CS/450-15·15 30
    SR-8CS/450-20·20 40
    SR-8CS/450-25·25 50
    SR-8CS/450-30·30 60
    SR-8CS/450-35·35 70
    SR-8CS/250-5 分相补偿 250 5
    SR-8CS/250-10 10
    SR-8CS/250-15 15
    SR-8CS/250-20 20
    SR-8CS/250-25 25
    SR-8CS/250-30 30